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Work alongside Chloé with full-length videos.

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James and Chloé have a combined 25 years in the fitness industry helping clients reach their goals through personal training and corrective exercise. In 2020 they started Fit in 4 as a way to make their services more accessible to more people and to help people keep their bodies and minds in shape during a difficult time.


I've been working with Chloé for four years, and it's the best gift I've ever given myself. I'm stronger and more fit at 49 than I ever was in my 20s and 30s #addictedtochloe



I absolutely love Chloe & James’ workouts! Each session has such a great variety of exercises and you can totally take them at your own pace. I’m a runner and am pretty fit but I have never really done any kind of strength or conditioning work so Fit in 4 has been great for me to incorporate something different into my training. Chloe is so encouraging and the videos are great to watch, Chloe explains all the moves really clearly and makes you want to do your best! In fact the workouts are so much fun they fly by! I have really genuinely noticed such a change to my body since starting this challenge - real definition in my arms and waist, I’m so happy! There is fantastic support from the rest of the group via the app too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fit in 4 - it has been the highlight of my year so far!



I've done Chloe's in-person classes and loved them, and during this "safer at home" pandemic period, have now done 3 of her virtual challenge groups and LOVE them.  And I am someone who HATES exercise and has had a very, very hard time sticking to any routine.  In all of 2019, I worked out 5 times the whole year. I'm now doing 5x/week with Chloe's challenges!  Her workouts are focused and efficient and get the job done, but in a way that I can fit into my crazy life (I tell myself "I can do this 30 minutes for me today and I will fit it in.")  I love that Chloe's focus is on overall health and really making our bodies the strongest they can be, and less about appearance (though those changes are a bonus). I have scoliosis and a life that requires a lot of lifting to help my child, who has a disability, navigate the world. Both of those things often lead to back aches and pains and getting to a place where I didn't dread exercise or use the back pain as a reason not to exercise has been a process. Chloe encourages  me, spends time focusing on ways for me to make my body "injury-proof," figuring out what is causing pain and helping me modify exercises accordingly, and truly, truly has joined me in the fitness journey that my body (and life) need, not just a cookie cutter program to look a certain way.  I'm a Chloe Fan Club member, forever!


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