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Blank Page: Welcome

Details for upcoming challenges:

Details for our next challenge will appear here. We are hoping to release a new challenge in the early summer.

How to register:

Step 1: Click the 'purchase' button below.

Click "Greatest HIITS 2" or IF you are a current library subscriber click "Library Subs Price"


(if you have done our challenges before, registration is complete following successful payment. If you are new, please proceed to the next step after purchasing via the below link)

Blank Page: Welcome

Step 2: Click below to sign our liability waiver and PAR-Q forms (only if new customer)

Step 3: Submit waiver and PAR-Q forms below (only if new customer)

Step 4: Check your email for an invitation to download the app "Trainerize". All challenge commnication will happen on this app.

Blank Page: Welcome
Blank Page: Welcome
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